Sandbox for Image Plugin Testing

I will try to test the Image Plugin by linking a thumb to a sample of text from the atlas.

Test Excerpt

Study a section of the kidney, referring to R-P, Figs. 20.1, 20.3, 20.6 & Pl. 70. In the cortex, locate a renal (Malpighian) corpuscle (slide B-67, H&E [2.5x-labeled, 10x, 20x, 40x]; B-68, PAS...

testing something


  • Did you know that by using the thumbnail or frame type with the size setting the server only sends the necessary information to draw the image at the specified size? Thus, there is minimal penalty for having large image size on the server. That is a great thing. I suspect that I will have to put a ton of ram in the server so that most of the images can be in server cache. -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • All right, I got distracted trying to figure out how this plugin might be used. The images have align set to none. You can see that the resulting rendering is involved. Easy to do though. They are default thumbnail size. Note that you can specify a link other than just displaying the image in the browser window. Thus, you could link out to another imageplugin image of the same image, but different size with word wrap etc. Each image could be on a different topic page or on the same page but restricted to a structural division to limit the size of the page. Thus, renal corpuscle could be on one topic page. The table of thumbnails could link to larger images by targets on the page. Ultimately, I think that each image should have accompanying text (unlabeled excepted). -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • Note: You can set variables using "more topic actions" and then "edit settings." This automatically hides the set variables. Variables set on the topic are set even though they might be hidden inside html comment tags. Putting "nop" inside greater-than and less-than symbols directly in front of "Set" negates the assignment. View in edit or raw mode. I can not figure out how to get images side by side for any type other than simple. Simple does not include the caption. -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • Notice that setting the IMAGEALBUM variable requires the standard 3 spaces from left margin - asterisk - space - Set space = space VARIABLENAME. That is, if the asterisk does not render as a bullet the variable will not be set. The "type" of image determines whether wrapping occurs. Neato, as we said in the 60s. -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • Actually, I think that we were biased into thinking that this plugin would automatically work across images. The variable simply sets the image archive location. You still need to specify the images one at a time by their file name. This is potentially very powerful. It gets you near your html life. The artical at does a good job of explaining. You can word wrap with this one depending on the type that you specify to the call. -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • Hm. Let me see if I can get some assistance... from the horse's mouth, that is. -- AshleyLPistorio - 22 May 2007
  • I am not having much luck! -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • I doubt that you are being dense. I will see if I can figure something out in this regard. -- LorenEvey - 22 May 2007
  • Am I being dense... the literature for the Image Plugin is unclear about directory structure-- is the IMAGEALBUM supposed to be a new topic I create (similar to the requirements of the PhotoArchivePlugin), or a param setting within the plugin callup itself? -- AshleyLPistorio - 22 May 2007
Begin Topic

-- AshleyLPistorio - 22 May 2007
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